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Colisha M. Amos, M.Ed,  LPC

Colisha M. Amos

Hello, I'm Colisha Marie and I want to personally welcome you to my practice Wellness First Counseling and Consulting! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 9 years of experience helping people overcome the emotional curve balls life has thrown their way. 

Life stressors can make us feel overwhelmed, afraid, alone, vulnerable and misunderstood. Reaching out for help can be difficult for anyone. It can be mentally and emotionally taxing on the body, because it forces us to let someone else into our guarded fortress of mixed unresolved emotions. The counseling process can be terrifying for some, because it encourages us to share and entrust our deepest darkest thoughts with a stranger; however counseling could be very beneficial to everyone.


I pride myself on helping my clients become comfortable with the counseling process by making sure they know they are heard, respected and valued. I strive to help my clients achieve optimal wellness as they learn to embrace all of the treasures life has to offer.


Therapist Qualities

1. Relatable




5. Motivated



My educational background includes a B.A degree in Psychology from The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) and a M.Ed degree in Counselor Education from Augusta University. 

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