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"Delivering the BEST quality of care!"

Serving Ages 18-65
Service topics include: Anxiety, Self-Esteem/Self Love, Self Development, Stress Management, School Issues, Relationship Issues, Assertiveness Training, Crisis Management/Interventions, Suicidal Ideations, Self Harming Behaviors, Grief/Bereavement.

Why Choose Us


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About The Company

Wellness First Counseling and Consulting, LLC is a telemedicine company that opened August 2021 to help improve the accessibility of mental health services provided to the community.

I've personally witnessed gaps in the quality of mental health services delivered to the public. I've seen the frustration of families not knowing where to turn to seek the best help for their love ones. I've sympathized with the parents that felt helpless as their children suffered in silence.
  Wellness First Counseling and Consulting was created in response to the cries of the community.  This company also aims to destigmatize societal views of mental health. Mental health does not discriminate and no one has to suffer in silence. 


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